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  1. cschooley

    Drivers for Linux

    FWIW: Newer versions of the Linux kernel support the POD HD series out of the box. I installed Kernel 4.15 on my Linux Mint Serena laptop following the instructions (and warnings) in the Software Center. Other distros have their own way to update the kernel, or you can take the safe option and wait for your distro to roll the kernel updates into your normal updates. Works like a charm (any other soundcard/input).
  2. cschooley

    How To Properly Connect Pod Hd Pro To A Linux System

    In case somebody finds this googling: It's been a while and the linux kernel now supports and includes modules (aka "drivers" as the Windows people like to say). If your distro runs a kernel after 4.9 (I think) it should "just work" (as the Mac People like to say) as a sound card/recording device. Different Linux distros ship different kernels. For me, running Linux Mint 18 kernel 4.4 is the latest supported by linux distro maintainers. You have 2 options: 1. google how (and the risks) of updating kernels on your particular distro 2. wait until your distro updates the kernel to a version that includes the POD drivers. In my case I updated using my Distro's software updater (linux mint) to kernel 4.15 and had no issues getting it to work after a reboot into the new kernel. No other issues either. Linux FTW.