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    Midi amp switching per snapshot

    Hi there! First post here! Been a happy L6 user since X3 days until my Helix LT and this community has been a source of inspiration. Now I recently got a HX Effects to use with my JVM410H, and everything sounds killer but I wish I could assign different midi messages to different snapshots so that I can switch the amp channels. What I'd like to do is assign snapshot 1 to my clean channel, snapshot 2 to crunch and so on. I've search the forum and only could find info about EXT AMP switching (TS cable) but nothing about midi and snapshots. I guess it has something to do with INSTANT COMMANDS but can't find an answer. What am I missing? Is there a way to do so? Thank you very much, any help will be appreciated.
  2. iLupi

    Midi amp switching per snapshot

    Woah!! Thank you soooo much!! For some reason that page didn't appear on my manual, I think that one is from the JS model, but hopefully it'll work too. This means I can't only control channels but reverb and fx loop too, that's great. Thank you @rd2rk, been waaay more than helpful!