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  1. I was using amp modelling, but I'm not overly impressed with it so far. I'm happy to get rid of them from my chain if you think it'd help to damp down the signal. I'll definitely try what you've suggested with the 1/4" outs and the volume knob. Not thought to check on that yet. How can I get around this? I haven't really looked into gain staging with the Helix. Any tutorials or pointers you could recommend?
  2. A tiny little Marshall MG15G at home, which doesn't feed back at all. And various amps and cabs while I'm gigging. Whatever back line the venue has, really. From big nasty Orange cabs, nice bluesy Fender amps, and nasty Marshall stacks. They all scream as soon as I get near them with my Helix. No problem whatsoever if I switch back to my pedal chain.
  3. I have a MIM Strat with the stock pickups and a parts Telecaster with the stock pick up at the neck and a P90 at the bridge. The Tele is pretty much unusable with the Helix and the Strat is a bit more manageable. That would be great - thanks!
  4. I have the drive settings around 3.0 on the amp for a little bit of crunch. It sounds pretty clean. The Helix can scream feedback out at me even when it's sounding really clean. When you say "multiplying my drive" do you mean like stacking O/D or distortion effects together? I have a few stacked effects, but the Helix feeds back regardless of whether I'm stacking OD or not. I definitely think it's a proximity thing, but the thing is so sensitive to it. It's like there's an invisible line 5 metres from my amp and if I overstep it the entire room gets their ears blown out. I've had a bit of a play around with turning various volumes up and down and it's still an issue. I really hope I can get to the bottom of it soon. I really love this bit of gear, but it's getting really embarrassing to have this amount of feedback at gigs and rehearsals.
  5. I bought my Helix about a month ago and I'm really really loving it. The depth of tone and the amount of FX and customisation is insane. However, I'm having a massive problem with it. Whenever I take it to a gig and click on almost any amount of distortion is just absolutely screams feedback. I've tried adjusting the gain settings on both the amps and the distortion effects themselves, but it still happens whenever I play live. The volume discrepancies are also pretty insane. I can't seem to reproduce the problems with my home setup no matter how much I crank it - it only seems to happen live, but it's at different venues and it happens every single time. Anyone else experienced this? Any insights?
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