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  1. nothing worked I finally fixed it by restoring all presets to factory by holding down fs 7 and 8 on boot. Then imported setlists but recreated the suspect one to be safe.
  2. yah I've tried everything short of full wipe.
  3. when copying one setlist to another editing blocks now changes blocks in both setlists. Mac OS high sierra and 2.70 hxedit
  4. it's not useful for me at all right now because I have 2 setlists one for with amp and one for without but when I change a preset in one if changes the other. So for the direct to pa presets I remove the fx loop block and add an amp and it removes the FX loop block at the same time in the amp 4cm setlist. So I've created 22 presets and I can't use them.
  5. No one else with this issue?
  6. I've copied one setlist to another. One I use as 4cm and one I use as Direct to PA. If I make a change in the SetlistDir it also changes the setlist4CM. So if for example I remove the FX loop block in the DIR setlist since I'm not using an amp now in the setlist4cm the fxloop block is now gone too. Thank god I had backups just made changes to 22 songs and it screwed them up. what is going on here bug that needs to be fixed or working as intended?
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