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  1. I bought it more than a year ago when we go with my band a tour in Germany. It does not have a warranty left, and I live far away from the shop.. I'll try to do your comments, thank you!
  2. No unfortunately I still have the same problem with a little change. This time it goes to preset B (FS6) instead :) . The problem with swithing does not show itself so often though. I also use a tube screamer as a backup in case it changes in the middle of a solo... So that I can boost the channel and be safe on stage. It's a shame such a nice unit has this kind of stupid problem.. Pitch shifter has the same delayed/echoed sound even without any effect on. It seems like the sound is not seamless, but a processing error is happening... :(
  3. My first problem with POD HD500X is that, it switches itself to preset A (FS5) and sometimes I can not go to other presets or open the tuner. This problem is temporary, sometimes it works fine. This happens especially when I press FS1 to activate an effect. I tried to install the latest firmware, and did the global reset on the unit by holding the LEFT ARROW (<) button as I plug-in the Power adapter. But the problem was not solved. I suspect of a switch error. Another problem I face is when pitch shifting, the sound is not sustained, but delayed. As if there is an echo on. I do not have any other effect on. Just amp/cab simulation is on with pitch shifter. Is there any solution to above problems? Thanks in advance
  4. I exactly have the same problem with you. Sometimes my HD500X is stuck in preset A, I can not change anything or open the tuner etc... Or it switches itself to preset A when I am on some other preset. Sometimes it works perfectly and no problems happen... I am crazy about this problem as I have no warranty left... Could you be able to solve this problem?
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