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  1. HX Stomp I too am having tuner problems like those reported on pages 45 and 50 of this thread. When I enter Tuner mode shortly after booting the pedal, the Tuner sometimes does not register any signal. I have to reboot and then wait 20-30 seconds before touching any switches. This problem began after I updated to 2.9 and continues now after an update to 2.92.
  2. OP here again. After messing with the Deluxe Phaser some more, I still like it. Set at 10 to 12 stages, it gets close to the middle settings on the Phase 100. Around 14-16 stages it gets deeper like the most extreme setting on the Phase 100. Here's what I have: Rate 0.3Hz | Depth 3.0 | Offset 4.0 | Feedback 25% | Wave: Sine | Mix 50% | Stages 10 | Spread 10 | Level -1.5dB Again, this does not sound exactly like a Phase 100, but it's in the ballpark. I also found a setting more like the Retro-Sonic, which is 4 stages like a Phase 90. I'm not really all that picky. I just like a fat phaser sound that retains the low end. For the record, I rather like the Boss PH-3 too on its 10-stage setting. Not quite enough low end for bass, but it's a great phaser. Another unsung hero is the old TC Electronic TC XII. I had one in my guitar rig back in the '80s and got lots of swooshy mileage out of it.
  3. My HX Stomp arrived yesterday. I actually like the Deluxe Phaser. It's not the same as a Phase 100, but set on 10 stages it's close enough for gigs and practice. I might keep the MXR for recording. I'm using it for bass, and the Deluxe Phaser retains the low end. The Script phaser doesn't.
  4. Sure, I'll report back. The Phase 100 is 10 stages, I think 6 + 4. I'll be going by trial and error, as I don't know what it will take to re-create that sound. I love the analog pedal. Just two knobs, tweak and play.
  5. I added my request to the phaser thread in Ideascale. It's the first phaser request in more than 2 years, so I'm guessing it won't be fulfilled anytime soon. When my HX Stomp arrives, I'll do the best I can with what's in it. If I don't like it, the pedal will go back. Lack of a great phaser would be a deal breaker.
  6. Sorry to hear the Deluxe Phaser is weak. I have seen the HX Stomp manual and agree there should be more vintage phasers in the pedal. I just joined the Helix Ideascale forum. Would it be worth requesting more phasers there? Or are users on their own for creating new sounds?
  7. Hello. Has anyone created an MXR Phase 100 patch for the Helix? I'm awaiting an HX Stomp, due in November, and one of the first sounds I'll need is this classic pedal. Looking to re-create the first and third voicings (see attached image). Thanks for any beginner tips or existing patch downloads.
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