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  1. Thanks!! This is the of the best explanations yet!!!
  2. Thanks for all the reply's. I still wish I could get Line 6 to recognize this and let us know their intended use for 1 amp chain. Where are the Queensryche settings?
  3. I would like to hear it from line 6 engineers. Since the sound changes so drastically, one of the two sounds were the way they were moddled/intended. Seems to me they should have offered a kill or mute second path option instead of setting to mic to have one path and a cleaner signal. I'm afraid of an "open" active input creating noise? An explanation of the drastic sound change would have been nice too to confirm it is acceptable to set 2nd channel to mic to clear up things. When using "same" I hear some grit in all sounds that is not pleasing it is covered up somewhat in the distortions but the cleans really show it. Dial up a super -o turn the master to 50% and switch between same and mic and you'll see.
  4. Funny I called line 6 about this and tech support had no clue what I was talking about and claimed to never hear anything like this about POD HD units. Geesh talk about being dissconnected from your job.
  5. I know this has been debated a ton for the HD500 but I have been searching for a answer for the HD bean. When setting input 2 source, I have a choice of guitar ,same or mic. Guitar and same sound the same but when I switch to mic, the sound seems to clear up (especially distortions) but be a bit thinner. There is no "Variac" choice like on a HD 500 Has anyone got to the bottom of which should be used for intended sounds?
  6. If they charged 1,000.00 for a pod everyone would think they are as good. I can get my pod HD,powerblock and Creamback cab to sound as good as anything I have heard from my freind's Ax FX2. Live behind a curtain, I'd bet money no one here could tell the difference. Put a great player on a POD HD and a good one on a Ax fx and 99% of people would say the POD "sounded" better.
  7. I had a 1 x 12 crate powerblock and a Pod HD. Sounded great but wanted something 1 piece and simple and I figured the Tech 21 was made for this kind of thing and would be an engineered best choice Boy was I wrong. No bass and very thin sounding. Best sound I was getting was Combo poweramp mode though to answer the question. It took me 4 speakers to get an OK sound with my HD/powreblock/oversize openback 1x12. Ended up with a creamback and like it a lot. Tonker was to rolled off but had great fat bottom but not clear enough. V30 might have been good but wrong Ohmage for the powerblock (16) so it made it uncharacteristically dark. 70/80 was worst real tame and colorless. Everything has been better than the tech 21 I tried. Even my bass player's old Rickenbacker TR35B combo he got from the pawn shop for $60.00 was way better. For speakers and the HD, almost everything you are told is wrong IMO. Mfg, and forums alike seem to steer you to "flat" speakers but the upper mids are hardest to get right in a HD and having a crisp fast spikey speaker seems to help!! I'd suggest taking it to a music go round and plug it into the power section of one of the 100+ solid state combos there for around $100.00. More than likely you will find something much better than the tech 21 from my direct observation. Try a closed back combo if you can find also. You will spend less money and possibly have a backup if the pod died.
  8. So I'm guessing this has not been fixed then???
  9. Mine has gotten easier with use. Still hard when sitting especially on a rug.It feels like it has some spring action I'm guessing will wear in to let it push easier. keep stomping on it.
  10. My tuner with FBV shortboard (or without) still spikes when disengaged. The update didn't fix it.
  11. Nope... Still does it. Re installed firmware 3 times. Crap I used to like tuner with my spider 4 :angry:
  12. I am running 2.32. I'll try reinstalling it...... could it actually say 2.32 but not been fixed? seems like a long shot.. I'll update this thanks.
  13. Pod HD desktop 2.32 Regardless of if i have the tuner set to mute or bypass, disengaging the tuner creates a HUGE volume spike if you happen to be putting any signal through your guitar. - Enough to tic the owner of the P.A off and scare the $&!# out of the audience. The workaround is to make damn sure you mute the strings, but any mistake and....POW.......!!! I just know I can't be the only ont that recognizes this it's pretty major!! I did a search and surprisingly came up with nothing. Fixes?
  14. :rolleyes: I'm pretty sure i figured out the problem. The cab I was running into is a 16ohm vintage 30. When I ran into a 8ohm cannibis rex it sounded way better. Normally with my amps a mismatch like that wouldn't produce such extreme results but that powerblock must be picky.
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