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  1. Hello to the whole community. I have a noise problem when change the channel of my amplifier from the hx Effects. My amplifier is a Mesa Boogie Rectoverb 25. When I switch to the high gain channel from the hx effects a very annoying background noise is heard. I tried to reduce it with the noise gates of the hx efeccts but they do nothing. is this normal? thank you
  2. Hello partners. It's the first time I use an expression pedal, I bought a cheap one, a Donner. I've made it work on the hx stomp. But the pedal travel goes from 0 to 10 and from 10 to 0. The 0 is at the beginning and end of the route and the 10 is in the middle. How can I do so that 0 is at the beginning and 10 is at the end of the route? Thank you.
  3. Hola compañero. Yo he copiado y borrado presets con el software del ordenador. En la HX Stomp no he visto esa opción. Saludos. Hello. I have copied and deleted presets with the computer software. In the HX Stomp I have not seen that option. Greetings.
  4. Hello partners. I can not get the tempo of the delays to the rhythm of my foot. How is it configured? Thanks
  5. Hello partners. I have the boss pedal FS7 and I would like to know how to assign blocks to the buttons FS4 and FS5. Thank you.
  6. Hello again. I am also looking for a footswitch with two buttons to occupy positions fs4 and fs5. Do you know which ones can be used with the HXStomp? Thank you!
  7. Hi. I am looking for a MIDI controller that works well with the HXStomp and also allows me to change the channel of my Mesa Rectoverb 25 amplifier. Do you know how to do it? Thank you.
  8. Hi. Is it possible to connect an audio player to the HX Stomp to study a song and play on it? For example, connect a stereo cable and listen to an mp3 song with the headphones while playing the guitar at the same time.
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