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  1. I'm confuse because in fact it work with my EV-5, but until I don't change preset. I've done a video : https://www.dropbox.com/s/y3noi19eeozvigp/20190129_194415.mp4?dl=0
  2. I've tried to use 2 of my expression pedal that I owned with my new HX Effects. And I can't use them properly : First Expression works until I change preset, after that I lost control, and I have to reboot the HX Second Expression doesn't work at all. And after reading the forum I saw that you have ton rewire your expression to make a TS Cable? I really wish an update on futur firmware will resolve this problem
  3. Hello, I've got problem with midi clock : I use Reaper to send PC, CC and midi clock for changing my effects, but with midi clock it freeze the Hx Effects. when I deactivate midi clock, it works perferctly fine. How to resolve this?
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