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  1. Very nice :-) Do you know if the Helix patches can be used with the Firehawk 1500 amp ?
  2. Hi there Firehawk owners, now it's been 3 years since the software Version 1.30.00 was released. Many things could be better on the amp, and I am getting tired of the invalid Token when searching for sounds in the app. My question is if Line6 will be offering a new version or are they going to ignore this Amp. Hoping for good and positive news ;-)
  3. Thank you Afterglow-GTB. Did read your post earlier, will be taking the pedal to the dealer here in Iceland and hear what they can do. My FBV3 is still under warranty. Thanks again m8. Brynjar Thor ;-)
  4. Updated the FVB3 to 1.02 with no problem using the Line6 Updater from my Windows 7 Enterprise ;-)
  5. Hi, I have a FBV3 foot controller with my Firehawk 1500 amp. Seems that the volume pedal has stopped working. Switching between wolume and Wah changes the LED, but the pedal is not working for wolume or Wah. Hope someone has a solution. Thanks Brynjar Thor ;-)
  6. Ok so Firmware version 1.30 is now 2 years old. Is there a new update to be released ? Hope so :-)
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