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  1. Hi! First of all, thank you so much pbatts for your detailed instructions which helped me a lot with setting up my HX Effects with my JVM! Everything works fine except for Master 1 / Master 2 switching. Problem: I have a Snapshot "Crunsh" which uses Crunch Channel Orange and Master 1. I assigned Program Code 0 to this Then i have a Snapshot "Clean" which uses Clean Channel Orange, Reverb and Master 1. I assigned Program Code 1 to this Switching between those works perfectly! Now i wanted to have a Snapshot "Lead" which is similar to "Crunch" but should switch to Master 2. I assigned Program Code 2 to this. As soon as i configure this, my Snapshot "Crunsh" also switches on Master 2... Somehow i can not make Master 2 for Lead and Master 1 for Crunch work. Any hints? Did i get something wrong?
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