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  1. Hi blekenbleu, Thanks for the detailed instructions about installing Sierra to my Mac as well. I'll try that if I need. The Edit software works well on High Sierra for me already (and HS is mentioned of the supported list of Edit). So it may work on Mojave as well. But I'm not sure as it is not said to be supported (it is not said to be unsupported too, but…) So maybe someone with Mojave already installed and a POD HD300 my try it and answer…
  2. I recently bought a used POD HD300 and I use the POD HD300 Edit software on OSX High Sierra with no problem. There is however an OSX update to Mojave and I do not know if I updated the OS would the POD HD300 Edit still work. Mojave is not mentioned in the supported OS list of the latest 2.03 (10/14/14) version of the Edit software. Is there anyone who has OSX Mojave with a usable POD HD300 Edit out there?
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