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  1. Thanks. Where do I find fremen?
  2. Thanks Dragon. Yes that’s on the list but I have never used a pedal before and my attempts so far have been frustrating.
  3. Dwf2008

    Preset volumes

    Some of my presets come in at different volumes when selected. Where in the signal chain should I be tweaking the volume ? Assume there is an amp, noise gate, and compressor, among other effects.
  4. Hi, I bought my Helix a week ago and am still exploring the presets and other features. I have downloaded a few patches from customtone but have been mostly disappointed because I can’t find the ones I really want. I was hoping someone here could help me out. A partial wish list includes: James Bond 007 theme Johnny Rivers Secret Agent Man Mark Knopfler Money For Nothing, Brothers In Arms, etc Santo & Johnny Sleepwalk Buffalo Springfield For What Its Worth Duane Eddy everything Lonnie Mack Memphis Hank Marvin everything Some really good surf tone with a true drippy reverb Any help finding a source for these would be appreciated.
  5. Verne, thank you so much. This is very helpful.
  6. So, would you get a flat response if you used the aux in jack on the katana?
  7. Any chance you can provide a sound sample?
  8. Hello all, I am contemplating purchase of a Helix, but before I do I would like to know how well it will reproduce the surf guitar sounds of the early 60s. I have not been able to find any sound samples that highlight songs like Pipeline or Telstar. I also would like to get Duane Eddy tones. Can the HX accurately sound like the original Fender tube/spring reverb? Thanks
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