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  1. i wasnt exspecting a 1800 unit breaking like that, i got rid of my hd500 and got this and i think im going back to old school a pedal board with separate pedals, the money i spent with this company and when i called i was told i have no idea what the issue is so that supoort and the best but i also have 2 line 6 amps, a variax JT model, wireless jacks and i had hd 300 400 and 500 not to mention a m9 and wanted to downsize after all i know i need a back up but in my opinion they should not release updays if they dont work as you can see a lot of people are having the same issue
  2. i cant believe i spent close to 1800.00 for this used it twice for a total of 5 hours then they said i needed to update now it wont boot it is a damn same i even lost our job at the club we were playing at as it did this just 2 hours before the show and on here not one line 6 support person evers post amything I guess it all about the money thay got our 1800.00 and i got a useless paperweight i tried all sugguestions to reset the unit and all fails even holding down 5 and 6 under the screen. what a damn waste of time and money?
  3. so you need the special cable going to the usb and a 1/4 inch to an amp? so both need to be plugged in at the same time?
  4. so you need both cables plugged in to the guitar one going to the usb box and a 1/4 inch out to an amp?
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