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  1. I'm hearing more and more that these FX loops are problematic in Mesa's. So I am fairly certain that it's on the amp end. While troubleshooting this weekend, my whole amp torpedoed and I've lost channel 1 and channel 2, barely a sound in channel 3. So I blew and tube or something. Seeing as I just retubed a few months back I'm hoping it's not something more sinister. I've been using my Mark V live and it's probably time to move that into the studio. Or just go directly through the helix. We have been using Fractal primarily and using this Triple Rec for live tracks in the mix, which I love. This 2008 Triple just has the magic and I'm super bummed it's giving me all sorts of issues. I appreciate all the help gents, and at least we got some archived info on the net about Mesa's and Helix as there isn't a ton out there. Once I get it figured out, I will update everyone.
  2. Interesting, I hadn’t thought of that scenario! Once I can get the loop working I will definitely to experiment. I have a MIDI switch gizmo I need to get set up to switch channels from the helix and remove the Footswitch once I can figure everything else out. Thanks for the info!
  3. Also, I’m using a 2008 Triple which is the non- watt selectable version that has the parallel effects loop.
  4. I do have both level and mix at 100%, I will control that send and return level in the helix loop instead. I will also try the loop to always on. One i I thing I noticed you said is that I don’t need anything before the effects loop. Would that not defeat the purpose of the 4CM? Putting overdrives hitting the front of the amp and then time based effects in the loop? Maybe I am misunderstanding how the helix uses the loop.
  5. I will do. Much appreciated. At least I know the preset works in your setup so I need to focus on the amp it self next. I’ll keep you posted, and thanks again for your time.
  6. That’s correct, when I created that export I was testing 4, but it’s always the same result no matter the loop used. So I switched back to 1, plugged into send and return jack 1 and same result.
  7. I really appreciate your time. Tyring to troubleshoot if it's my loop, cabling or something up with the amp simultaneously. I ruled out cabling and tried all 4 HX send/return jacks. Hoping to rule out the HX. More info if needed: Cabling: Guitar to Helix In Helix Send to front of amp Amp loop send to Helix Return Amp return to Helix Out
  8. So I figured out that, all preset in the 4CM need an FX block. Dumb I know, but i just couldn't get it in my head that I couldn't just hit the front of the amp without this engaged. So now to the bigger issue, I'm just not getting any effect sound after my loop block. In front of the block, no issues, after the block... nothing. Both parallel effect mix knobs all the way up. Nothing...
  9. Hey Hey all, so the deal is I am a new user to the Helix floor. I just installed HX Edit and HX installer update 2.8. I am running the 4CM and using the recommended send and return setup I have seen in a few videos -> AMP is a 2008 Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier Using Send/Return #1 Guitar to Helix In Helix Send to the front of amp Amp loop send to Helix Return Amp return to Helix Out All is good. I place an effects loop in the preset and set to loop #1. Get sound and all good. I place a distortion and chorus in front of the loop, all good there. Put a delay after the effect loop in the preset and ..... nothing. No effect can be heard. I turn the loop off and get no sound at all. So the question is, why can’t I hear my delay set in the loop? Is it normal to lose all sound when turning the loop off? If I have the distortion and chorus in the front should I at least hear that? I spent an hour moving cables around and screwing around with the Mesa foot-switch engaging the loop on and off, bypassing the loop, switching cables .. nothing seemed to work. Any ideas? This is step one, next is to set up MIDI switching to I can automatically switch channels but one thing at a time.
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