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  1. Yeah I kinda figured that would be the case. At the moment I don't have the budget for a decent Linux-compatible interface like a Focusrite (hence the Free Open Source Software approach!), but I was hoping somebody else had already done the "nerd work" for me. Would be a fun community project to collaborate on a compatible Linux driver though!
  2. Hey all, first post so I hope I'm doing this right. I've recently joined the cult of Linux, and am looking to make primarily electronic music through Ubuntu 18.04. I know that some more common audio interfaces have plug-and-play compatibility, but I'm interested in connecting my Helix directly to my DAW (Ardour) via its USB cable. At the time of posting this I haven't actually started messing with configuring this on my own, but figured I should crowdsource experiences others may have had: has anyone had any experience/luck getting the Helix to work with any Linux distro in this way? I tried looking in the Knowledge Base but didn't find any relevant information for this situation.
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