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  1. Floor: Nobody noticed if using the headphone output and setting the headphone knob to zero the signal is reproduced the same but only the left side?
  2. No, the "noise/clip" is always present in all the ways of using Helix (PA via XLR, 1/4 or Phones, USB...)
  3. HELIX.mp3 Hello members, the Helix has returned from assistance, unfortunately no intervention has been performed (only a firmware recovery) as the technicians have not encountered any problems. But I wanted to point out that other users also have the same type of problem as me. The sound is noisy on Clean tones, You can hear the problem in the attached file recorded via USB (). It would appear that the converters clip when I use the Gibson Les Paul Custom with the 490r / 490t pickups. I also tried an HX Stomp and the result is the same. I tried to activate the Guitar Pad but without satisfactory results. Do you have any tips for improving the relationship between Helix and Les Paul Custom pickups? Thanks Giancarlo
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