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  1. It looks i've got the same, or a similar problem. I'm playing (guitar -> JM4 -> mix table ) and suddenly volume drops A LOT. It happens more and more often. if I unplug and replug the jack into the guitar volume comes back. if I unplug and replug main alim into JM4 the guitar volume comes back. Any chance someone knows how to deal with that ? Thanks
  2. Hi, What I want to do : When Load a ".wav sound from my SD card", I'd like one of my "custom guitar tone" to be automatically loaded also. I read in manual : "By default, loading a Recording will automatically load a custom-crafted guitar tone". So is the a way to set such an association between my own custum stuff ? Do i have to save the wav sd file to "Internal Recording" to do that ? Please Help a new JM4 user trying to write in english ;-p Thanks Have a nice day
  3. Thanks psarkissian : -) I'm having a hard time finding a 2Go SD card where i live ... (lost in a island in pacific ocean) So ... is there a long answer ;-) with a 2Go partition solution ? Thanks again !
  4. Hi, Advanced Guid advise to use a 2Go SD card or smaller. Can i use a bigger card (eg : 8Go) with a 2Go partition ? Can the JM4 create a 2Go Partition or format a Bigger card ? Or should i do that with my PC ? Thanks :-) (please excuse my english)
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