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  1. Hey Guys, How do you power your Line 6 Helix modeler for Live use with a cabinet ? What is the best solution you've came across while doing your research ? Please share your experience and your perfect setup solution to make the Helix sound has legit as possible. (Amp feel and response, amp in the room feel etc.) So far I've tried many possibilities : - Tube amp Fx loop (power amp in) - Powered monitor such as EV ELX 112P - Line 6 Powercab + - Boss Waza tube expander to power a passive guitar cab with classic celestion speakers. Cheers,
  2. Hey Folks, I’m starting a new post about the Line 6 PowerCab. I find it pretty difficult to get my hands on good an accurate information’s about the PC product. There a lot of content on YouTube, but you never can experience the real deal that Line 6 claims « the Amp in the Room feel ». Line 6 designed the PC with this in mind. My personal journey with digital modellers: So after using Line 6 products for the last year or so (HX Stomp then grabbed a Floor unit). ¸ I’ve been using and active monitor to run my Guitar and Bass tones. The EV ELX112P has been doing a very good job so far. I’ve decided to pick this exact model because it’s a plywood cabinet and not plastic. I find it very important to have a wood material in order to get better responses from the cabinet. PC Flat mode and Speaker mode: Right off the bat the first time I plugged in the PC+ I’ve used the Flat mode to run IR or cab block from the HX. I’ve done a comparison on the Flat mode speaker voicing. (FRFR, LF FLAT, LF RAW). LF RAW mode really stands out. This mode turns off the 1’’ tweeter speaker. Then I got to try out the Speaker mode this is the mode that Line 6 claim to achieve « amp in the room ». With the PC+ you have 12 speaker emulations to choose from. My impression is that they sound fantastic! They really stand out giving you more… amp in the room feel. The Speaker mode really sounds different from the Flat mode, which you would be using IR with. They seem to give you a convincing tone without a lot of tweaking required. PC overall power and volume levels: First off from all the reviews and post I’ve read on the forum I was afraid the PC wasn’t going to be loud enough with a full band. I’ve made my custom patch in order to use to PC+ with my Blues band. I did use Logic Pro X to monitor my level coming out of the HX Floor, I aim at -10dB is level. I did make sure the indicator light of the PC was turning yellow when I really dig into the guitar strings. To sum it up… Yes, the PC is loud enough to play with a full band and be heard. PC is a 1x12 Cab not a 2x12 or 4x12 Cab: I think it’s important to talk about the fact that the PC is a 1x12 speaker cabinet. Don’t be fooled, if you think that by using a 4x12 IR your PC+ will transform itself in a Marshall 4x12… Well the logical answer is that it won’t. It’s a 1x12 cabinet, it will never be able to push the amount of air a 4x12 cab is capable of. You’ll be able to use 2x12 or 4x12 or 4x10 etc. IR but they won’t sound authentic and real. PC Verdict: It’s expensive, it sounds really good, giving you a more rewarding tone from your modeller. It’s lightweight, powerful, the speaker is voiced for guitar vs a PA speaker. The PC+ has midi or AES/EBU capabilities which are a plus, you can select speaker models, modes etc. on the fly. (Served with your patch)
  3. Hello I’ve encounter something special yesterday while building a custom patch. Do you guys find yourself having to back down on the levels button to reach « unity gain » Has anyone ever back down on the level control ? (below 0.00dB) in order to get unity level with Helix. Example : compressor or overdrive block. Thanks ! :D
  4. @cruisinon2 Thanks for the reply it pretty much sums it up. Building patches with a pair of headphone is not the way to go in order to use these patches live on gigs. I'll have to rework my patche building process in order to save some time. Cheers :D
  5. Howdy, I'm still trying to find the best way to build custom tones while saving precious time. I've been using Helix products since May 2019. 1- Would you say your wasting time building preset with headphone's ? 2- Do you guys generally find yourself having to re-tweak your tones via an speaker monitor (FRFR) or speaker cab in order to get good tones for Live uses? 3- Should I be using and headphone amp with the headphone output of the Helix in order to drive the DT770 ? I Find myself having to re-tweak my preset using an FRFR speaker @ 90-100dB level. Drastic EQ changes compared to using headphone (Beyer DT 770, 80 ohm). The patch seems to be too boomy and lack definition. Cheers
  6. Hey guys here’s an update ! Tonight we had a rehearsal with my band. We’re using and X Air 18 console everyone is using IEM. Vocals on Gtr, Bass and Lead Singer. I’ve been tweaking some tones all week long using and FRFR speaker ( EV ELX 112P) in FRFR mode. I’ve connected the Main out to feed the monitor and the Send our to the console. The monitor was pushing around 88dB of sound which is pretty average. My experiences with this setup was a total game changer ! The monitor gave me a mic in the Room feel. I wasn’t ALONE IN THE WORLD ANYMORE. The feeling was pretty satisfying. I had to make minor tweak to the EQ Of some presets being too bright or lacking Bass. Other than that is was a STELLAR performance. Tomorrow I’m heading to my local store with my Stomp and my FRFR monitor to compare to Line 6 PC+. I wanna know what it’s all about. Ounce again thanks for sharing your experiences and recommandations. Cheers
  7. Hey guys, thanks again for all your replies it's appreciated. I'm in the market for an FRFR speaker cabinet, the PC+ would be my first choice because of all the feature and especially MIDI. Being able to switch speaker by the press of a footswitch is fantastic. Does anybody know what material are the Powercab made of ? Plastic or wood ? I hear that the material of the cabinet affect greatly the transparency of the final tone. A plastic enclosure would be misleading your tweaking.
  8. Thanks for all the replies, there a lot of useful informations and experiences from many point of view. Much appreciated. I’ll do my best to apply theses thoughtful advices.
  9. How do you get set your patches/Preset up ? A- Using your favorite set of Headphone. B- Using the FX Loop of your favorite «Tube Amp » set to gig volume. C- Using an « FRFR speaker monitor » set to gig volume. (90-100dB)
  10. Hey guys, how Y’all doing great. Okay I’m reaching out, this topic might have already been discussed here before. I’m new to the « DIGITAL » world. I’ve also been very conscious about my guitar tones (Tone Geek). The « ANALOG » world is my background, I’ve been using « Boutique » or « Vintage » gear for the last 15 years or so and I’ve managed to get GREAT TONES. I would like to know your experience and how you use your modelers. How do you guys see it through and tweak your tones. Just to be clear, I’m asking for your Presets or how you set your knobs or control settings here. I’ve had the HX Stomp for about a month now. I’ve done A LOT of research and a lot of testing tweaking etc. - First, I started to tweak my tone at home using Headphone through a DAW (Logic Pro X). - Second, I bought an Own Hammer’s player pack (IR) which made a good improvement to the overall tones. (Warmer, more dynamic, more organic etc.) - Third, I started to rehearse with my band, and we decided to go DIRECT and to use IEM. We record every rehearsal. I’ve been through a lot of thinking to figure out to use the Stomp has an IEM monitor console. Using the Stomp side inputs feeding the mixer (BUS) to the AUX IN and using a SEND L/R block to send unaffected audio to recording DAW. - Fourth, I’ve plugged the Stomp through and FRFR speaker (EV ELX 112P) and it was a total new experience. I really had to re-tweak my tones in order to make it sound good. The question is, how do you guys deal with this ? - If I come up with a good tone via IEM it will likely sound BAD through FOH. - If I come up with a good tone via FRFR, it will likely sound GOOD though FOH speakers/ stage. I’m confused, is there a solution to make it sound good either way? If i use IEM I wish to have a good inspiring tone but the audience also as to get the goods. Thanks for your knowledge and precious time.
  11. Howdy, If you wish to use the HX Stomp as an IEM units to play live or rehearse with In Ears headphone,. Here's how to achieve this. Use an Send block (mono) at the end of your chain. Use the Send output to set to FOH or DAW to record You don't have to plug anything in the Main OUTS. Main outs will include the playback coming from the console or mixer. Use the Aux IN inputs on the side of the unit from the mixer to the HX Stomp. Set Return to AUX IN in Global settings. (Stereo IEM mix, use the volume control on the Stomp) You'll need 4 cables to make it work. 1 Guitar Input 2 Send Output (Guitar signal/Pedalboard Output) 3 AUX IN L (IEM MIX) 4 AUX IN R (IEM MIX) Cheers
  12. Alright, thanks for your reply , Solution : Use an Amp Block (no cab) then insert 2 IR blocks (1024). Drag an IR Block to Path B Make sure to move the merge point right after the Amp block then insert your FX. Using this method your able to mix 2 speakers or 2 different mics. Make sure to use the Merge point options. Cheers
  13. Hey guys, I'm new to the HELIX familly I did a research on YouTube and Google and I can't fin any information about this. I wish to use 2 block with IR (1024) in parallel. Any help on how to do so would be appreciated. My Goal : Is to mix 2 mic within the same preset. Example mix a 57 with a 121. How do you set it up ? (2 block using 1024 IR) How do you blend the 2 ? (mono input and output) (Using Split Y, (Pan left, right ) or Split Y A/B?) Cheers,
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