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  1. The difference in the variax 22 fret neck and say a tele 22 fret is the 22nd fret on a tele neck over hangs the heel of the neck where the variax’s 22nd fret does not. So I would say a 22 fret tele neck would work if you used a spacer at the neck heal joint the same size as the overhang on the tele neck. Probably would have to fill and redrill the neck mounting holes . Could be done and if done right you probably wouldn’t be able to tell it . The fingerboard overhang would cover up the spacer.
  2. Thanks:) that exact thought running through the back of my mind is what has kept me from trying this .
  3. I’ve done a pickup swap on my variax standard . What I want to know is can I do a 7 way pickups select mod to get the neck and bridge pickup together without it interfering with modeling . I know how to do this . I’m just wondering if the switching for the magnetic pups are on a separate circuit than modeling is? Thanks for any input you can give:) Tim
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