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  1. I spent the day trying to program my new HX stomp ready for rehearsals on Monday. I'll be going straight into a PA. Because I don't have any monitors in the house I used my Sennheiser Momentum headphones out of the stomp to get the tones dialled in. I literally went through every amp and cab combination, tweaked all of the advanced parameters including the global EQ (even tried bypassing this) and EVERYTHING just sounded fizzy and processed. For the most part left the impedance level on auto but tweaking it didn't make a difference. I get that the Stomp is digital and will never be as good as a tube amp but it sounded really bad, almost like clipping with unpleasant high frequencies. The demos I've heard sound fantastic so i'm a little disappointed if this is as good as it gets. Has anyone experienced the same results and also will the sound I'm hearing be the way its gonna sound through PA speakers?
  2. Hi guys, I tried running my HX stomp from one of the outputs into my Apogee 96K interface going into my iMac>Garageband. I can get signal but no sound when using headphones out of my iMac. I'm trying it this way because i've lost all of my 1/4 inch headphone adapters so can't use the HX headphones out. Is there something obvious i'm missing or can I only monitor through the HX stomp? Thanks, Mike
  3. Hi mate, How did you get on using this in a live setting? I'm looking to to the same thing with my HX stomp as I'm having no luck running it through my amp (preamp models into amps FX return so only using the power amp section +cabinet). Thinking of ditching real amps altogether and using a FRFR speaker Cheers, Mike
  4. I've spent a few hours on this again today and I think its the HRD colouring the sound. After a bit of tweaking I can get the preamps to sound half decent but overall the 1x12 cab doesn't sound great, especially with higher gain settings. The whole thing sounds harsh Ive found a thread on Helix preamps through power amps (fx return) and there was a quote with similar results to mine: "I had the same experience with the Helix preamp model levels widely varying from preamp to preamp. I too played with Helix pre's with a Mesa 2:90 and Recto 212 for a while. I even used an RJM Amp Gizmo to switch Deep, Half Drive, and Modern on the 2:90. I liked Modern the best for most Helix pre's. But I found the 2:90 had way too much character that was diminishing the difference between Helix preamps. I even bought a used Line 6 DT50 thinking that would be better. That rig was just harsh and noisy to me. IMO, the preamp models were frustrating to tweak and level out on both the 2:90 and DT50, and there was just too much lost from the Helix full amp models. I moved back to Helix full amp models + neutral/flat tube power amp + 212 cab" It seems as though a "clean" power amp is the way to go. I might just be better getting a Powercab or FRFR monitor
  5. Thanks very much for the reply. Thats exactly what I was looking for. I've got the FOH part sorted but still having problems with the amp. I just tried that method going into the return of the HRD and kept the patch really simple: Guitar - L input HX stomp (preamp block-reverb block) Main L output- FX return of HRD. I went through all of the preamp models and experimented with EQ/gain but didn't dig too deep with the advanced parameters (i.e sag - hum etc). All of the preamps lacked any sort of character and sounded rather uninspiring - really plain and boring. The louder I turned up the fizzier/buzzier it sounded, was also very harsh and direct. All volume and tone as you said is now coming from the stomp. The HRD's volume and EQ is disabled and I made sure the amps reverb and presence were off. Additionally I also bypassed the stomps global EQ settings. With this in mind my only conclusion is that the speaker cabinet in the HRD is the cause. It is a lollipop cheap one that came stock with the HRDiii Could there be anything else i'm missing?
  6. Hi guys, Been trying to set the stomp up for the last couple of days. Through headphones, monitors, speakers it sounds great but i CANNOT get it to work through my Hod Rod Deluxe. I've read the manual and watched countless videos on 4CM method but i'm obviously doing something wrong. I've set up 4CM as per the manual - added a preamp block, managed to get sound but it was awful - tried changing line/instrument levels but still sounded bad. Also the manual says if you don't set up 4CM correctly you'll get no sound... but this isn't true as i pulled out 1 of the 4 cables and still managed to get sound through the amp. This also leads me to another issue... do you NEED 4 cables? Ive screen shot below a section from the Line 6 stomp vid they did with Andertons tv. They go into the amps return (using preamp sounds from HX stomp) then direct to the FOH (in this case a DAW) simultaneously but don't explain how its done. This set up is exactly how I want to use my stomp as the HRD is bollocks and i want to use the stomps preamp models for me onstage - then use an amp model/IR going out to the PA. If you look at the screen shot there are only 4 cables being used aside from the TRS out for exp pedal: Guitar - input to stomp Return out from stomp being sent somewhere L/R outs going somewhere. Can anyone decipher how this is being done? It seems to be a lot simpler than the manual illustrates Thanks, Mike
  7. Hi First time posting here, been lurking for a while reading up all I can about the HX Stomp. I'm a complete noob when it comes to digital effects. I'm gonna take the plunge and get one but wanted to check a few things before i do. The main way i'm hoping to use it is with a preamp block with various effects into the power amp section of my Fender HRD amp for onstage monitoring, with a mix going out to the PA. With this in mind: 1. Does this option mean all the volume for my amp will be controlled from the stomp and will this be loud enough (the amp is 40 watts but I'm not sure if this is determined by the preamp or power amp stage)? Will I get significant volume loss? 2. Has anyone tried this option using real OD/boost pedals in front of the stomp and does it sound good with preamp blocks? 3. Will I have to set up separate amp/cab (or IR blocks) for the split path going to the PA or can i just use a single IR block using the same preamp block that's going to the HRD? 4. I'm not the most tech savvy player and i'm a little put off by all the global options (i.e impedance input level etc). Has anybody found these options to be overwhelming? I'm hoping to just be able to plug in and play for the most part. Many thanks, Mike
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