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  1. Hey! SOLVED! So, here's the final setting that works for me! You'll need: a Dunlop Mini Volume (X) MIni DVP4 a normal 1/4 TS cable, which is actually 6.3 jack cable patch. Follow the steps as downtowndalebrown suggested Step 1 - Open up the back of the Volume Pedal and make sure the dip switches are set to Exp and Ring Step 2 - In Global Settings on the HX Stomp, set Ring Polarity to Inverted. UPDATED step Step 3 - Plug the patch cable into the 1/2 EXP input jack of HX Stomp - Plug the other side of the cable in the AUX input jack of the DVP4 CONSIDERATIONS: It still doesn't work if I insert the TS cable in the OUTPUT input jack of the DVP4 I hope it will help
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