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  1. I don't own Helix so haven't even looked at the manual yet. These snapshots can be completely individual patches with different amps, cabinets, effects etc. that are just grouped under one preset to be used for performing one song or something? I guess there is still sharp cut between different patches when it comes to reverb, delay etc?
  2. Does Helix feature some kind of smart or configurable switching of patches? I dislike the short gap and cutting off of reverb/delay of the previous patch on Pod HD and wondered if the new technology made it smoother. I can imagine uses for even a fast cross fade instead of short silence.
  3. Hey, I got it working like you said Klaus. With a little help from the support. It seems that it was indeed the Exp2 setting I needed to use and I was only looking under Exp Swittches which I obviously only have one of. So the ExpSw changes the operation of expression pedal between Exp1 and Exp2 parameter in addition to whatever effects it was set to toggle. I wish there was more documentation for these and sample patch files too.
  4. But there's only one Exp on this unit and in the software. The support guy also got it working on the rack unit and I asked him to try on the desktop one if possible.
  5. I did the update and that got the lights working on FS1-FS5, Tap and Wah/Vol. However didn't help with making a patch where Expression siwtch triggering functionality between Wah and Vol actually works. Or maybe I just fail to do it. The problem I have is that using the Expression switch to trigger between Wah and Vol also triggers the whole expression pedal on/off. So when I have Wah on, the pedal works and the Wah effect is fine but when I switch to Vol, the pedal also switches off and it cannot be used to adjust volume (the virtual knobs on Pod HD Edit software don't move either).
  6. I cannot be the only one who's bought the new floorboard from Line6 for the grey kidney bean. I'd like to hear from other users and maybe get some help sorting out issues with expression/volume pedal use that I have some trouble solving with the support. Also patch files where you have managed to get wah/volume switch from the expression pedal switch button so that both work would be greatly welcome!
  7. Did your FBV3 power on and show it's firmware version on the display when you plugged it to the USB on your computer?
  8. I've been trying to get similar functionality with Pod HD and FBV3 as Pod XT Live used to have, meaning when wah effect is not switched on, the expression pedal works as volume pedal. I haven't succeeded so far and I wonder if it's even possible with the current firmware and software? I can make them both trigger from the expression pedal switch and if the patch has one on and one off by default, it seems they work right in that sense: When wah is switched off, vol is switched on. Hower it seems that the expression parameter EXP1 only changes when I have triggered wah on. When wah is off and vol is on, the expression pedal does not have any effect (it won't turn the knob in POD HD Edit like it does when it works). I've also tried assigning the vol on/off to FS4 in Edit (FS5 in FBV3) and trigger vol separately but same effect. I can trigger vol/wah on and off but when wah is off, the EXP1 does not function.
  9. So, how's the update? Was some of the issues (lights, their color) fixed?
  10. You might add: On Pod HD products, no illumination is provided at all and you have to guess whether the effects are on or off
  11. It seems this product still needs updates on many parts. Pod HD cannot use the FS1-FS5 lights on it and Edit puts the controls on wrong FS buttons. So I figured there needs to be an update to at least Pod HD firmware, HD Edit and FBV3 before I can properly use these together. Of course Monkey update is needed too since as you say, it cannot even recognize FBV3 at the moment to update the firmware.
  12. With Pod HD, there's no light at all on those leds, whether the effects are on or off...
  13. I figured out you can change those FS2-FS5 functions at leas on Pod HD by going to the mixer tab in Edit. However, I get no light either and the documentation is nonexistent. I'm not very happy with my purchase at the moment. The red lights I could live with (apparently colors only work with FH1500) but no lights at all is bad.
  14. Just little more help needed: Is the FS1 always dedicated to the looper mode? When I put an effect to FS1 in Edit, it will be assigned to FS2 in FBV, FS2 to FS3 and so on. Also I get no lights on FS1-FS6 at all. Some say that color lights are only available with a certain amp but I don't even get red and have to rely on Edit or Pod HD display to see if the effect is on or off.
  15. Ok. So how do I assign things like colors to the FS1-FS5? There has to be some connection between Edit and FBV to make that possible?
  16. Got my new FBV3 for the Pod HD I recently purchased second hand to replace a broken Pod XT Live. It works, I guess. I can see the name of the patch and change bank and patch but other than that, I have no idea how to work with this device and the documentation that came with it is no big help. First of all, how do I get the Pod HD Edit application to see this thing? Or do I need to have both the Pod and the FBV connected via USB to be able to edit my patches? None of the FS1-FS5 have any lights, the expression peadal won't adjust volume or function as wah and I have no idea how to assign anything to these. Do I need to download something via Monkey?
  17. How is the expression pedal compatibility in the grey kidney bean Pod? I want to control wah type effects as well as using it to adjust volume so it needs to have a switching option. Many expression/volume pedals have a jack in and out to put them in the signal chain. I figure that one to be used with Pod has only one cable connection. Is it standard kind or some Line6 proprietary connector?
  18. I just dug out my XT Live from the box after a long break and plugged it in. First thing I notice, all the amps from the metal and classic amp packs are gone with message stating that when choosing a patch with one of them. The next thing I notice, no matter what, I cannot connect to my Win 10 via USB. It's just as if there is nothing at the end of the cable (tried two different cables too). I updated Monkey and it says under Drivers: Installed, No - Newest I tried installing them over and over but when it asks to plug in the USB cable, nothing happens. When I click next, it says installation complete but in Monkey still no driver. I've tried directly to mainboard and through USB hub, same results. Any help? Is there a way to restore those amp packs without USB connection?
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