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  1. Thank you! I have already done the upgrade of the firmware. So I can felle comfortable?
  2. Hi! I've 2 Relay G10. These devices are safe or not? Often I leave them in charge in my home studio... It's better to upgrade to newer version? Thank you!
  3. The Spider is connected to the PC using an USB 2 cable. I don't understand why the previous version of the software works fine and the last doesn't work...
  4. For better results in terms of sound quality and latency, it is recommended to use an audio device (Scarlet Focusrite, Presonus, ecc.). The audio device is connected to the PC and you can connect your guitar directly to the audio device and processing the sound with cubase using some plug-in. Or you can connect the digital outs of your Spider (but I don't known if there are digital outs in the spider v 60) to the balanced xlr input of the audio device and record the guitar processed by the Spider in cubase.
  5. Hi guys, I've a Spider V 240 mkii and a Presonus 26C as DAW with Cubase 10. The DAW has 2 XLR input. What is the best way to record my guitar? I've tried to connect directly my guitar to the DAW and post processing the sound with some plug in but the results are not so god. I want try to connect the direct outs of the spider to the DAW. How must be set the ground/lift switch? (I can disable the phantom power on the DAW). It is better to connect directly the Spider to the DAW or it is better to connect the Spider to a Mixer in order to set level, eq, and then to the DAW? Thank you for the answers. Manuel
  6. I've the same problem. I've installed the software both on windows 7 and on windows 10 laptop...but it doesn't work. I've solved installing the previous version of the software. It works fine.
  7. Dear all, I've recently buy a Line6 Spider V 240 MkII together with the Line6 FBV Express MKII. I've installed the FBV control software and connected to the Spider V via USB cable. I've a couple of questions: 1) Any function that I assign to the FBV using that software isn't maintained. When I unplug the USB cable, the FBV can only switch 4 preset in the same bank. How can I solve this issue? 2) I've read in this forum that FBV Express MKII doesn't handle loop function. It's true? Maybe the FBV 3 would've been a better option...
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