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  1. A quantize option for the looper utilizing the tap tempo. Add a drop down option on the looper setting to select the note value much like a you have in a delay. And not critical but could be handy when recording, a countdown display to show how much time you have to work with. Then in the "Global Settings" three "Looper Options" 1. Speed (Half/Full) 2. Quantize (Off/Patch/Global) 3. Count Down (On/Off)
  2. That's all good news thanks...
  3. I get the whole tweak with my feet thing and the onboard editor is nice but a mouse and keyboard based editor along the lines of POD HD500X Edit is still the easiest method. Especially with the complexity and cleverness of Helix. Also how soon until additional delays are available (reverse, auto volume etc.) or is Helix to be thought of a component/controller in a big rack system.
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