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  1. I think I read the Helix Aux input (instead of the normal guitar input) works better with active pick-ups.
  2. Hey Hairy, I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty sure if your using a digital connection like L6 link between Helix and PowerCab (PC)+, the global EQ on the Helix doesn't affect digital outputs. Therefore you would use the H/L cuts on the PC itself. Most of the gurus I've seen talking about the cuts are running low cuts 60-50hz and highs 10-12. Cheers,
  3. The cable seems right so I'm not sure what the issue is. You might need to raise a flag and see if a guru can add to this. Let me know if you do get an answer. Thanks,
  4. Hi Dave, Is the Monoprice AES/EBU identical to a Line 6 Link cable? If so it should work but you need to right click on the speaker selection and select it as following snapshots. If it still won't take them have a look in the command settings and make sure you have the correct snapshot behavior selected - its something to do with maintaining the changes you made when you leave and return to the snapshot; and not just stay on the same settings as initially programed. Sorry if its a little vague but I don't have my Helix here ...
  5. Hey Joe, I had a similar enquiry also to match the PC+ speakers to the cabs on Helix.... so thanks it was good to see the feedback. Also don't forget to load a Helix amp/cab combo then just select it to see what speaker cab L6 matched with the amp... its a quick cheat to get going. As always though, if you like the way any combination sounds, you got it right..... rock on
  6. Hey Gavin, Thanks mate. You literally just saved me spending USD$139 on a Mission Pedal. I love the BOSS sweep feel, construction, and over all quality but it just wasn't working right with my Helix Floor..... and now I know why. Thanks for sharing the knowledge. Cheers, Dave
  7. Thanks for sharing mate, nice and simple.
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