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  1. I encountered a possible bug during programming snapshots with different imput impendance. 1)I set snapshot 1 with 10K impendance on input block, going into fuzzface. 2)I set snapshot 2 with 1mil impendance, fuzz is bypassed. 3)When I switch between the two snapshots, everything is ok. 4)Save whole preset while snapshot two is engeaged. 5)Test it again, switching between two snapshots is fine. 6)Switch into different preset and then back to this one. 7)Test it again and here it is - when you load the preset at first you arrive on snapshot 2 with 1mil impendance - as it should be. But.. 8)When you switch to snapshot 1 and back to snapshot 2, snapshot 2 is now set to (default) "auto impendance", not 1mil. Going back and forth, snapshot 1 stays saved at 10K as it should, but the one you first arrive at when you load the preset resets to "auto". Helix LT at 2.82.
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