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  1. Are you editing on the device (also which model?) or the HX Edit? I'm having a trouble where, double clicking on a preset I've made with one of my IRs won't open on the HX edit window, it still shows the chain of the last preset I had open (that didn't have an IR block). I'm about to try editing from the unit itself to see if this resolves the issue. Edit: As a work around, going to the IR block, switching it to a Cab block (from one provided in the unit)allows me to open it using HX Edit. Then if I change it back to an IR it stops allowing me to access it again. I've also wiped my impulses from the device and tried others. So until the issue (if regarded as an issue by others) means if I load my own impulse into a preset, I have to then edit that preset on the unit only.
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