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  1. Yes of course. Not hz. Note like 1/4 1/8 1/2 dot like that
  2. I tested RC505, LAUNCHPAD PRO MK3, ZOOM UAC2(audio interface with midi port), Although I didn't touch any device setting to keep the midi clock message, it didn't sync(+- 2bpm) If I use it without sending midi clock it is better at sync, if the helix preset bpm is already set. But the main problem is that some fx block didn't respond to midi clock, song start message, like barberpolo tremolo, filter which have rate parameter. It should be fixed.
  3. Basically there is a tempo issue on HEILX that it didn't receive the midi clock message from other musical devices thru midi in ports. But there are some clues. Basically there are 3 basic midi messages about midi clock. -"Song Start" (decimal 250, hex 0xFA) It is a midi message for allowing device to start receiving the midi clock message until receiving the "Song Stop" message. (Sync) -"Timing Clock" (decimal 248, hex 0xF8) As the "Song Start" message received, the musical device calculate the bpm thru receiving timing clock message 24times per 1/4 note. For example, if I send a 120 bpm, then HELIX receive the 96 Timing Clock messages on 2 seconds. So the helix recognize it as 120bpm if it worked normally (it didn't ;/) -"Song Stop" (decimal 252, hex 0xFC) If this messages sent to a device, the device starts to ignore the Timing Clock message until they receive the Song Start message again. (Not sync) The main problem of the HELIX is it didn't receive the TIMING CLOCK messages. If I modulate the mid source to only send a SongStart , SongStop, the magical thing happens. The tempo is maintained as I set already on (per preset or per snapshot, or Global) and it pick the perfect timing for starting point.(That is perfect!!) But the problem is that some Modulation models(which can change the rate setting fit on bpm ex) 1/4 1/8Dot...) and Filter models which also contain rate parameter, didn't even response on Song Start messages. So the method I use upper is a half soultion to use midi well. 1. Set the preset or snapshot bpm as you desire. 2. Send only Song Start message. 3. When you want to stop, send Song Stop message My Question is this: Is it possible to fix this midi tempo issue? Or is there any temporary solutions to use right now?
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