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  1. Specs: Board: Gator GPB-LAK-1 Power: Strymon Ojai Chain: Korg Pitchblack Mini -> Line6 HX Stomp -> Source Audio Collider (in stereo in the FX loop of the Stomp). Expression pedal: Dunlop DVP4. Plugged into the HX Stomp and controls different things for different presets (volume, delay levels, wah pedal, modulation speed, etc). Tap switch: MXR Tap switch (bottom left) controls the HX Stomp footswitch modes - I jump between preset mode and stomp mode. Dual aux switch: Scrolls up and down through presets on the Collider. I'm a reverb and delay junkie, so I really want to keep those effects in a separate pedal. This means I can use any of my reverb and delay presets with any of my Stomp presets, which is really flexible. Most of my Stomp presets also have a delay block, either assigned to a footswitch or the expression pedal, allowing me to have these massive double delays. The Adriatic delay is definitely my favourite of the Helix delays. Definitely my smallest and most powerful board so far.
  2. Very, very cool! Love the DIY approach I use the same board (the black version). Such a perfect size for the Stomp and a couple of extras.
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