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  1. Hi! So, i got an frfr, Db technologies B-hype 10, as a birthday present and am using it for wet fx only with the pod go and my blackstar artist 10 AE as my dry amp (pg into fx loop). But now i would like to use the internal preamp of the blackstar as well with 4cm and still have the wet effects coming out of the frfr. Can this be done? My signal chain is: Guitar -> Guitar in (PG) -> amp out -> Blackstar fx-return and L/mono out(PG) -> Frfr Amp out is set to ”Pre cab”, the Cab-block is before the delay and reverb.
  2. Yes! In the left corner in pod go Edit it shows my user name and a light green ”dot” beside it. It’s weird!
  3. Yes! I did that, but pod go edit kept on telling me that i weren’t connected to internet and that No updates were found. Anyhow, yesterday i managed to update my pod go with my computer from work (a pc). It still didn’t work in pod go edit because it said ”backup failed”. So i then installed line 6 updater and then i could update the pod go. Before all of this i also did a factory reset on the pod go. If anyone is having similar problem with their Mac, try go into update mode. That’s the only thing i didn’t try out. So that might solve the problem.
  4. Hi! I just got the Pod Go and noticed it came with the 1.12 firmware so I then hooked it up to my Mac to update to the latest firmware. But the Pod go Edit just tells me that there are no updates available. I have tried and installed all the different versions of the pod go app but they all say the same thing. Also, I can’t handle my account from the app or enter the store(Get more IR’s button) It says that my computer doesn’t have a internet connection, but it does. Could it be that my computer is to old? It’s a Macbook pro from 2009. Please help! It would be nice to have that Princeton and glitch delay :).
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