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  1. Is there any way to disable tapping tempo on the foot switch? Every time I try and hold for tuning it changes the tempo. I end having to change presets back and forth.
  2. I have Helix Floor on 3.15... expression pedal is lowering volume by itself out of nowhere down to 70-80%s. Anyone experienced this? I just did a complete reset. EDIT: Can anyone provide instructions on downgrading firmware please?
  3. Hey guys. I've been noticing my pedal has been lowering its' volume out of nowhere on the expression pedal. It will lower to 73-83% and I have to power cycle or I can't go past that mark. Doesn't matter which preset. I have the Big Knob disabled. Any idea? It's a Helix Floor.
  4. This has happened to me as well for months now. They just tell you to do a global reset but that still doesn’t solve the problem. Mine completely locked up the other day. I had to do a power cycle. I’m on the newest firmware and did a complete reset a few weeks ago.
  5. So I came across a different bug today. I changed patches (stomp box mode) and all the names of the bottom stomps were gone. I wasn't able to change patches or anything after this. I had to power down the unit and restart it. This would be terrible if it happened on stage. Any suggestions? I just did a full factory reset a few weeks ago. How do I get a response from Line 6?
  6. I did a full reset and restore from backup. All was fine for a week or so but it happened again. Must be something with the firmware. The word “Cancel” comes on the upper right switch and if you hit it it usually corrects this issue. I hope they address it. Not fun to be on stage and have this happen.
  7. Did you figure out any solution to this? I'm hoping mine doesn't do this during a gig. I've been experiencing the same thing.
  8. I'm using Helix Floor on 2.82. I'm in stomp box mode and every few times I change patches some of the patch names will remain replacing the stomp box names. Any tips?
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