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  1. yes, I am. But maybe another 500 posts like this, will change something :-)
  2. I´d like to post just a wish for the next HXedit: I´ve got a HX rack and the FC, but usually, sitting at my desk (tweaking patches, aso), the rack is a bit away and the FC either. Is there any chance to add a button to the HXedit / software main screen which enables the tuner? Or some entry in the drop-down menus? Like "file --> tuner" or "edit --> tuner"? Kind of a luxury problem, for sure, but it would be awesome. tia stay healthy regards to you all
  3. ok. I got another one: Took some time to figure out the "auto-engage" of wah-wahs, but I got it now :-) Set up everything, works fine, wah engages when the pedal is moved, so far - so good. Patch has been saved. I select the wah-block and dial in another wah with the joystick, the "bypass assign" resets to "EXP toe switch". I got to re-assign to EXP1 in the "menu / bypass assign screen" and save it again, before it works as set up before. Otherwise the controller will show the movement from 0-100%, but no fx. It´s quite annoying, because you have to re-assign and save the preset after every singke change to get it work properly. Turning back to the saved wah-block (so to say, the preset as it has been saved) will let the bypass assign set to "exp toe switch", it´ll not return to the saved setting. Maybe this has been posted before?! Helix rack, floor control, FW 2.82
  4. it´s working now, problem solved! Your hint, using a different usb port, was the missing link ;-) It´s stable now! thx again!
  5. Hi datacommando, yep, didn´t think of that. Of course, I used the ones at the front (well, they were just an arm-length away... ) I´ll give it a try. Sometimes the easiest solution is the last you´ll think of :-) thx
  6. Hi, I updated to 2.82 and the usb connection breaks down pretty often, out of the blue. Clicking the "reconnect" button fails, it´ll try to reconnect and show "no device", although the usb is still connected and worked 20 seconds earlier Unplug the cord and connect it again doesn´t work, still "no device connected" Shut down and re-start HXedit works, until the connection fails again.... I got the Helix rack version, updated to HXedit 2.82, firmware is 2.82 Win7 no USB-hub has been used, connected directly to the pc Updating the unit worked fine for me, no issues and stable connection via usb thx regards Carsten
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