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  1. Hello there, There seems to be a phasing issue with the Whammy effect. As soon as you go up for some semi tones and go back to normal the complete signal is out of phase. Never had this issue before. I controlled the whammy effect block via the on board expression pedal. If needed I can make a recording. My Helix is on firmware version 2.91.0. The used effect chain is quite simple: Facial Fuzz -> Kinky Boost -> Whammy -> Amp Would be great if this could be fixed soon, thank you! Best, Philipp
  2. It would be great to have innovative Gamechanger Audio pedals like the Plasma Pedal or the Third Man Records Plasma Coil and the Plus Pedal. Furthermore what about all of the Third Man Pedals: Bumble Buzz, Mantic Flex etc.?
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