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  1. Well, it has happened since Windows 10 most recent updates (October and November). It happened to my POD XT Live as well. I thought it was just old, but I am wondering if part of the windows fixes has somehow interacted with DAWS or ?? The other day I was connected directly from the Helix LT to my computer playing in Studio One software. I unplugged it from my computer as there is no option to eject it and then it happened.
  2. I have the Helix LT. It has been updated to Helix 3.01. I own an Alienware I9 with 2070 super nvidia, windows 10 all latest updates - I say this because, I am getting the blue screen of death when I have the Helix plugged into my computer or Helix LT plugged into my Presonus Audiobox USB 96 that is plugged into my computer. Does anyone else have problems like this?
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