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    Ok thanks, I'm really new to all of this so I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing yet. Ideally I would like to set up the HX stomp in such a way that each switch is a preset. So that when I step on one of the switches, it is turned on and the others are turned off, and visa versa. For example: Switch one: Rhythm Switch two: Lead Switch three: Clean Is that possible? Thanks.
  2. Skips


    Hey People, I just recently purchased an HX STOMP. I have been watching loads of videos on how to create presets and such. One in particular which caught my attention was this one: He assignes his settings to SNAPSHOT 1 and 2 and upon doing so, the switch lights on his HX STOMP change colour. I have tried this and unfortunately my lights are just white and this is only when the switch is selected, when a switch is not selected the lights are off. Any Idea what I've done wrong? I feel as though I followed the video correctly. Thanks
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