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  1. Yeah I guess the post I read was talking about the mic preamps and their sound quality? Do you think it is a good idea to buy something around 35€ like Behringer Xenyx 502 or the t.mix mix 502 or it has a Mackie mix5 variant (it seems to be a widely used main board using the same placement for ins/outs and knobs)? I don't really care for the mic performance...
  2. Hey guys, so I have decided that I would like to use my Stomp with studio monitors. I've landed on pretty expensive ones so I have some saving up to do. I've been going through the necessary equipment and I've read that it is a bad idea to plug in two audio sources to the monitors at the same time (PC and HX Stomp). So I found two possible solutions buy a mixer (even the cheapest are pretty expensive and still look very cheap) or use the HX Stomp. I've also read that mixers can negatively affect the audio. HX Stomp seems like a good solution but I'm not sure. Isn't the Stomp going to break sooner if I use it for audio from my PC (around 10 hours a day) and leave it plugged in? It gets pretty warm (but actually doesn't get any hotter) so I don't know about long term use. I've read in the manual that it is not advisable to leave the power supply plugged in when not using it but I'm not sure if it is some "lawsuit protection" or actual advice. Do any of you use Helix as an audio source (PC and Helix) for their studio monitors? Thanks for answers!
  3. Hi guys, so few months ago I bought the Stomp, but I was already spending a bit more (I'm a student) than I initially wanted to (now I know that it was definitely worth it) so I decided that I would use it with my ATH-MSR7 headphones until I'd find a better solution. I was pretty satisfied with using it through headphones (that was before trying it with the JBL, the headphones sound good but I think they are somehow coloring the sound more and make it more muddy, basy and less clear, even tho the headphones are not basy and pretty detailed when I'm listening to music through my PC) but I'm not a big fan of wearing headphones when playing so I decided to try something that was laying next to me: the JBL Clip 2 bluetooth speaker. The speaker has jack input so I connected it the same way I connect my headphones and honestly I was pretty blown away with the sound. It sounded very good to me even better than the headphones. I could hear more of the nuances of each amp model and overdrive pedal. I am happy with the sound but I'm wondering how much can it be improved by using proper studio monitor or FRFR speaker? I never had a chance to test it out with any of those. I only tested it in the store through plugging it straight into front of one of the amps there and through my headphones I brought. The only other amp I've played my guitar through is super cheap borrowed CRATE amp which sounds really bad so I have no tube amp reference. If some of you guys have this speaker I would love to hear from you how you like it and how it compares to a proper solution. In the current situation I can't go to store and try it out with a proper FRFR speaker or studio monitor so I'm wandering how big of an improvement would using one bring (over the JBL). I currently only practice at home so lower volume is not a problem. I'm currently thinking about saving up for one good studio monitor (for example Adam A7X caught my interest, even tho it's really expensive). I would rather spend more and get a good product than save some money in short term and spend more in the long run. So do you think that using one studio monitor is a good idea or do you think I should look into something else or maybe buy two (honestly the price of two A7Xs seems kind of unrealistic to me). I have a lot of time to do online research but I'm kind of overwhelmed by all the studio monitor and FRFR options and I'm not sure about the whole one studio monitor thing. Hope my questions are at least somewhat clear. Thanks for your replies!
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