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  1. OK. Thanks. Sounds like the best option if I want to utilize the full range of the Helix is to get an FRFR speaker. I have an opportunity to get an Headrush FRFR-112, in good shape for 230 USD/ 210 Euro. Good deal?
  2. Thank you! Cant I bypass the Roland JC pre amp if I connect the Helix to the effect return on the speaker? This way I should be able to use the Helix cabs/IRs. Or?
  3. Hi, I just got the Helix floor unit and I am trying to figure out the best setup. Im using a Roland JC-85 as speaker, connecting the Helix in the effect loop. I want to be able to use the fulll range of possibilities of the Helix with effects and amps (not using the 4 cable method). My question is if I should continue to use the Roland speaker or change this into a FRFR speaker?
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