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  1. To clarify, after updating the firmware to the latest version and the editor, 2 of the footswitches on my HX stomp NO LONGER WORK, they simply cannot have anything assigned to them. I have tried many different configs, only one FS work, the one designated FS3, the other two do not do anything anymore. A global settings factory reset did not fix it. I dont have the option to select patches A-C with the FS anymore. Please add this to bugs needed to be fixed.
  2. Im on the HX Stomp. Footswitches 4 & 5 no longer does anything, footswitch 3 seems to be working and I can select what I want it to do, but the others are totally not responding since 2.91. I used to have the ability to select bank preset A-C with the footswitches but that is completely gone now.
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