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  1. Because of the tap tempo issue, I had to roll back to 2.82 from the 2.9. I can confirm that on 2.82, the tempo light and the timing of the unit are sync'd. What I can also say is that if I play a lick on the up beat the delay will happen when the light is off, thus giving the impression that they are not together, but they are. The light is flashing the time from when it was put in. The sound of the effect is timed from when the note is struck. It is very possible that all of you disagreeing about the light are all correct. On 2.82, if you play in time with the light, the sound will be in time with the light. If you do not play in time with the light, the sound will not be in time with the light, but it will be in the correct time. Hope that helps.
  2. You got it. The "block" is what everything in the unit is based on and there is no way to save one to which you have made a change without putting it in a preset and saving the preset. That is a software deficiency, but it often gets put in the "feature request" category.
  3. In relationship to the tap temp. For what its worth. Mine is all over the board. I have a Boss digital metronome, a Roland FA-06 keyboard, an EMU MP7, and the Helix that have tap tempo. Before the 2.9 update I could use the tap on each one to get everything sync'd with no issues. After the 2.9 update, the Helix tap is not usable. A consistent tap of 120bpm will show everywhere between 126 and 136bpm. A consistent tap of 80bpm shows between 93 and 96. Its hosed unless you dial it in manually, which means it is no longer usable. I will have to look into downgrading back to 2.82. Not really a bad thing since I still can not save an edited block, which is not a feature request by the way, it is a deficiency in the software. That comment was not for the end user, it was hopefully for a Line 6 person to see.
  4. Appears to be hit or miss after power on. I have power cycled the device several times and sometimes it will tap in time and sometimes it does not. I have tested with several different delays also, so it is not a specific effect.
  5. Hey all, I updated to the 2.9 firmware last night. Now tap tempo is off. Anything tapped in comes out 8 bpm faster than the tap in. I have confirmed this with a metronome and two drum machines. Anyone else? Is there a calibration I am not aware of? Bryant
  6. Thats it. Hidden in the Mono / Stereo dropdown. Thanks
  7. Hey all, I have been reading as much about this thing as I can find. There are several places that mention some legacy effects that were introduced in the 2.5 update. When I got this one it was already on 2.82. When I open the HX Edit software I do not see the Legacy category anywhere. Is there an option that needs to be turned on or were the legacy effects dropped in a later version? There are several of the legacy effects listed that I would like to have.
  8. I cant get a block to drag to the desktop.
  9. Thanks very much for the replies. I was really thinking I was missing something obvious. Now I'm more curious as to how something so obviously needed was overlooked at the beginning. This entire unit is built around these blocks yet there is no way to save a block. Wow. Does anyone know off hand if the Headrush Pedalboard has this deficiency? As far as copying and pasting among multiple presets, is there a way to have more than one open at a time or are you bouncing back and forth between several?
  10. My apologies if this is posted somewhere. I have searched, but maybe my terms are not correct. Say I am creating a preset. I add an empty block in the chain. I edit the block to get the sound I am wanting from the block. All is good. How can I save this block for use in the future with a different preset? Or are we stuck manually editing the block every time it is selected. This seems to be more difficult than it should be. Am I missing something? Simple example: Put empty block in chain. Select Delay. Select Sweep Echo. Change time from 450ms to 6.300 s. Change Level to -23.0 db. Turn Trails on. Now how to save this with new name and changes so that it shows up as a selectable item from a new preset? Again sorry if this info is already somewhere else. I just cannot find it and it seems as though it should be very simple.
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