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  1. V3.10 has just been released. In its description, it says that CC69 problem is now fixed. However, I have just updated it and tested it, and unfortunately this still is not working... has anyone else tried?
  2. An update... I received a reply on my support ticket. In summary, they recognized that this popped up after 3.01 was released. Although it's not likely going to be fixed in 3.10 update, it will likely be back to normal after that next update. That may not be the perfect news, but I'm happy that they gave attention to a customer report and addressed it.
  3. Regarding the first suggestion, unfortunatelly no... :-( About the 2nd suggestion, I have tried that but with no success. Apparently, the midi messages are sent with such short delay in between each one that the Stomp still can not handle the CC69...
  4. Yes! I understand that and agree. However, the same applies when you send any other CC messages... and for all theses other CCs, it works.. that's what is strange. I agree with you, and this would explain why only CC69 is not processed in version 3.0.
  5. That's not correct. If you send any other CC besides CC69 along with the PC message, it does process everything correctly. Although this can be done, this would be just a non elegant workaround for this faulty behaviour. The Hx Stomp offers snapshots for a reason. This is the same reason I would not like to replicate similar presets, occupying 2 or 3 times more presets than I should. Just adding an additional info: I have registered a support ticket. However, the answer I first got was that "if the CC command is being sent via instant commands, along with a preset change, then the preset change will supersede the snapshot change. Since the preset does require the process to load it onto the HX Stomp, the CC command can't be done at the same time", and "Its much easier to simply save the preset desired to with the snapshot you want. Then change it after the preset has been loaded". Honestly, I got really disapointed with this answer, because technically this is not correct, and I had someone from Line6 telling me that it would be "much easier" to have an approach where I could not take benefit of the snapshots. Well... I reiterated the question, based on two main arguments: A.) Before version 3.0 was launched, it did work (based on customers reports) B.) When I send any other CC command, along with a preset change, the preset change DOES NOT supersede the CC command. I tried sending preset change along with CC49, CC50, CC51, CC71-0, etc., and all of them work, but not CC69. The answer I got was: "I will need to look into this further, and see if our team has seen the same thing. We are currently getting alot of requests, so it may take me some time to attempt at reproducing", which is, again, very frustrating... :-(
  6. Hi all, I’ve just got an external midi controller. Funny thing is that in the very first test I did, I faced this issue. Tried to send a PC and CC69 messages to load a preset in a specific snapshop, and it doesn’t work: it just loads the preset (according to the PC message), but CC message has no effect. Another strange behaviour is that, if I press the midi controller switch a second time, then the CC message is processed and the according snapshot is loaded. As someone said, on the other hand, when I send PC plus any other CC message (to activate a block, for example), it works correctly. Considering this, it doesn't make sense the feedback that @rd2rk received (saying that "the Instant Commands are sent simutaneously (vs consecutively), and the preset isn't yet loaded when the CC is received"). If that should really be the case, why does it work when other CC messages are used (instead of CC69)? Would anyone have any news on this? My firmware is 3.01.0. Thanks!
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