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  1. Hi! I think i have found a bug in 3.0. My scenario is Helix Rack + Control, everything updated to 3.0 including Edit. When your presets include the 6 Looper block (haven't tried other loopers) and you change preset, the top screen of Helix Control (wich shows the preset) ramdomly doesn't update and shows previous preset name, although the preset changes normally (and the screen of the rack shows the new preset). If I remove the looper from my presets it works fine. I've tried global reset and restore backup, global reset with everything on default plus creating all new presets from scratch, both with no success. My presets use snapshots and I assign Looper to a footswitch. Can anyone try to reproduce this behaviour (rack+control)? Everything else seems to work for me but this was driving me crazy.
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