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  1. :-). Just one note. While FH 1500 can do a lot, it is not a 100% replacement for "real" hardware. At least I have not been able to set it up in so well yet - only two weeks of toying.. Because of that I have decided to have basically 3 sets of gear, where an end2end modelling set (L6 Variax Standard + FH1500 + FBV3) is the " universal" one. I also gave a "light" set and an "all tube stage" one. Of course, your mileage may vary...
  2. Hi,I have tested it at various levels and it behaves well on all. The tone stays almost (~95% for me) the same. Up to 50% the volume is incremented in small steps and only then it gets really loud. I also used it late in the evening and my neighbours did not file any complaints - I live in an apartment, and the walls are anything but soundproof...
  3. I have the same issue as @poulpos. Any news about possible resolutions?
  4. Hi, I tried to update the firmware of FBV3 from 1.00.00 to 1.01.00 using Line 6 Updater. However, Line 6 Updater crashed after around 15 minutes and now FBV does not work anymore. It does not power up at all, neither when connected to Firehawk 1500, nor when connected to my notebook via USB. Has anyone else witnessed a similar situation? Any advice? Should I return it for servicing? I have raised a support ticket with Line 6 and am waiting for their response. Best regards. Paweł Szewczyk
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