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  1. Big bug I am noticing in HX edit. It is not showing the presets that are on the device properly and often shows an empty preset. Some display properly, alot do not. Only started happening since downloading latest HX edit software.
  2. What do people think of this IR pack used with helix? I purchased them not realising that ML audio also offered a heap of other packs other than the ones on the start page. It says they are versatile but they all sound thin and scooped to me, im not finding any of them useable for my style of metal (melodic death metal), are they really only good for djent?
  3. setting hx stomp as ASIO instead of direct sound seemed to fix it in reaper.
  4. hey guys, ive just unplugged my old audio interface and decided to use hx stomp as my audio interface. I have it set in reaper as both the input and the out put but I am getting no sound at all through reaper but all other computer sounds are going through reaper. not sure what im doing wrong here. any solution?
  5. Okay i factory resetted the helix and it seemed to make a big difference to the tone for some reason. Ive taken everyones advice here and im now starting to get the tones ive been looking for. I was choosing the A1 picks from the ownhammer cab pack i brought but i didnt like any of them so i went and found the folder with all the mesa 412 cabs with different mic setups. WAY better! Also im finding that the soldano amp model that was suggested here is by far the best one that I have played around with so far. Still trying to get that punch into the sound, a tubescreamer adds a fair bit but it still is a bit spongey. adding two screamers adds this weird harmonic overtone that i dont like. i gotta play around more with the tilt and the other pedals. I also ordered a seymour duncan invader to go into the bridge position of my ESP horizon because i heard that the custom 59 pickup i have is more upper mid focused and invader is more tighter lows which is what I want. I might buy some of the York audio mesa pack soon to see how i like it. Im still finding the ownhammer stuff to sound a bit too muffled but its still very good.
  6. I purchased the heavy hitters 1 a while back and tried all the A1 picks on it and some of the other ones. They all add this crazy amount of bass and make the sound really muffled. but when i try to cut the low end frequencies it guts tone and leaves it sounding thin. Do you recommend that I purchase the rectifier pack instead? what im looking for is tight low mids. As for tones the type i metal tone I like are lamb of god, killswitch engage, opeth tone like what you would hear from watershed/ ghost reveries etc.
  7. Hey guys, I recently purchased a hx stomp and have been spending countless hours playing around with it. But it doesnt seem to matter what I do I just cant seem to get a solid and punchy metal tone out of it. I have tried custom IR's using eq's, overdrives, different amp models etc. I am getting a better metal sound running through my studio monitors using my cheap Zoom g3n. It seems whatever i try with the hx stomp there is this harsh honky midrange which I cant seem to cut using any IQ and a boomy bass which when i try to cut with eq's ends up gutting the tone and leaving it thin. I have tried IR's the built in cabs, multiple amps, settings and everything but I just cant get the tone I am looking for or the tone that I see people getting on youtube videos with the same equipment. Can anyone help me here? or maybe the stomp just isnt for me. Im almost starting to regret buying one. I can get amazing cleans and overdrives with great effects but cant get a nice tight metal tone to save my life.
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