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  1. Please consider adding the ability to designate mono USB outputs per path (e.g., split USB 1/2 to Separate USB 1 and USB 2 Outputs). Thank you.
  2. Any thoughts regarding how to achieve the following: I would like to assign one footswitch to activate a rotary effect and a second footswitch to toggle slow to fast. I would like to use the editor to set this up. Thanks in advance for the help. Jeremy
  3. I use a Chapman Stick with passive pickups. The solution is to plug the bass side into one of the returns to match the impedance (you cannot adjust the impedance of the Aux input). I have had no issues since using this method. I am hoping a firmware upgrade will permit adjusting the impedance of the Aux input.
  4. amyjer1

    Helix FAQ

    Thanks for the thread - it is very helpful. Question: Will the MIDI connection to iPad permit use of iPad apps with routing of audio from the iPad back to the Helix? I have two applications in mind - (1) Sending midi from a keyboard to the Helix MIDI input to trigger Animoog, etc. on the iPad and return the audio to the Helix for processing and output; and (2) Sending audio from Helix to the iPad for processing through audio effects like Flux:FX and routing the audio back to Helix (this is possible using some interfaces and audiobus on the iPad). I appreciate the information! Jeremy
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