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  1. Ka5par

    Moog MF Drive (lopass) filter effect?

    Found out the reason the envelope still engaged with sensitivity at 0 - I'm using the filter after the amp and thus the level is higher. Solution would be to lower the amp output or settle using the filter before the amp. So, still one good manual or should I say pedal filter would be welcome.
  2. Ka5par

    Helix/HX 2.82 Out

    This might be it. Only way to know for sure, is to update.
  3. Ka5par

    Need help with IR and current set up

    I usually use IR on a parallel path if I want to combine it with another sound. I do the mixing/switching between them using the controls in the split module.
  4. Ka5par

    Helix/HX 2.82 Out

    Anybody know if the snapshot bybass bug has been fixed - after dragging a block to a different slot and back some blocks don't have the right bypass state for snapshots?
  5. Ka5par

    Moog MF Drive (lopass) filter effect?

    Tried the autofilter now and even with the sensitivity =0 the envelope still opens the filter automatically. One filter that could be used was in the legacy section - Q filter, I think. So hoping there will be some more filters in the future.
  6. Ka5par

    Moog MF Drive (lopass) filter effect?

    Thanks ttkfirst! I was just going to start complaining about the lack of good filter solutions :) Checking it out...
  7. Ka5par

    Flatter Frequency Response IR-s?

    Thanks, I'll look at these as well.
  8. Ka5par

    Flatter Frequency Response IR-s?

    I haven't yet bought any IR-s, but I've found some free ones. Some IR-s of vintage mics (this is essentially what I was looking for): https://micirp.blogspot.com/p/about-micirp.html And some of acoustic instruments: https://www.gearslutz.com/board/music-computers/1125801-impulse-responses-acoustic-guitar-body.html I made a couple of sound tests blending the regular guitar cabs and one of these. The results are not perfect, but in that directon. I needed to add the IR-s in a DAW instead of Helix, because the mic ones phase needed to be adjusted. The mic and and acoustic blends with guitar cabs. 2 clips of each, playing the same sound softly and harder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1q0adb2unqpy7bf/AAB5qMcJD27yhOEQRZo10cs3a?dl=0
  9. Ka5par

    Flatter Frequency Response IR-s?

    Do you mean the IR-s of the acoustic guitar body itself? I've seen those, need to test them as well. I'm looking for the extended freq response at both ends, because the Stick goes to low C - 1/2 step above 5 string bass. And so some bass amps have been quite good - Cougar, Cali Bass, Woody Blue. But also some guitar amps - Archetype Clean, Brit J45 Brt. I'm tweaking a tone that gives me cleaner sound while playing softly and breaks up when played louder. I need the bass without farting and the extra bite at the top, so it doesn't sound muffled. Blending two paths together has been the way so far. So I'm experimenting various ways of getting the path without a cab to sound a bit nicer - EQ hi cut and now the more exotic IR-s. It would also be useful to be able by using snapshots to go to a more distorted rhythm and solo sound. That might work by blending less of the bright cab or cabless path, when using more distortion, so the sound doesn't get harsh. While the Bass amps do the break-up quite nicely, the higher distortion isn't as good
  10. Ka5par

    Flatter Frequency Response IR-s?

    Yeah, that's an option too. I'm having a moderate success with one path using an IR and a parallel path with hi-cut EQ at 8kHz.
  11. Ka5par

    Flatter Frequency Response IR-s?

    Thanks, I found a couple. RedWirez has some: https://www.redwirez.com/bigbox.jsp Speakerbox • EVM12L 200-watt 12" • IR Library: Impulse responses of a 200 watt Electro-Voice EVM12L. Electro-Voice says, "the EVM12L is a full range speaker with a frequency response specially tailored to cut through the thickest mixes"... and we believe them. Nice low end, too. With the Speakerbox series we set out to capture the essential character of some legendary speaker and mic combinations with just a dash of color. To that end, we housed our speakers in a solid mahogany, open-backed cabinet. The cab's lightweight, resonant shell is designed to fill a room with 3 dimensional, lively tone rather than box it in and project it forward. They have the EV also as part of Mesa Halfback 2x12, Mesa Mark IIC+ . Choices...
  12. Ka5par

    Flatter Frequency Response IR-s?

    Thanks for answering. I'm actually not that confused about IR-s as it might look at the first glance. Like you said, for the standard guitar tone the regular cab is desirable. But for other tones, especially when not playing a guitar, some other tones might also be needed. I'm looking for a middle ground of guitar cabinet lo-fi sound and full range. Even full range speakers, when miced up will color the sound, so that little color is what I'm looking for. This is for the Chapman Stick in this case, but I would use this kind of subtler coloring for a synth also. The closest by description I've found so far are these, but they're not straight wav-s, so unusable: https://austinbuddy.com/products/austinbuddys-vintage-cab-pack-wfractal-audio/ KEYBOARD AMP — three keyboard IRs based on a Roland® keyboard amp, plus a room mic.
  13. Ka5par

    High gain lead tones thin and fizzy

    I've had success with adding a low gain Teemah after the amp. Unusual, but works.
  14. Ka5par

    Flatter Frequency Response IR-s?

    Does anybody know of IR-s that are made from full range speakers or guitar cab-s that are more full range than regular ones? Maybe even some acoustic amp cabinet or a synth cabinet? I'm looking into making some clearer sound with more high and bass definition, but blending in a parallel path without cab can sound a bit too buzzy with overdrive. So a more neutral IR might be just the thing. Also IR-s can be switched with snapshots, so maybe a clearer for less overdrive and a regular guitar cab for more.
  15. Ka5par

    Multiband distortion article

    After some tweaking for a couple of days, I put the multiband distortion principles to practice: