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  1. Helix Native Tremolo FX Sync? Have you noticed that the tremolo phase doesn't sync very well to the DAW tempo? What I mead by that is every time you start the playback the tremolo phase doesn't fall in the same place - sometimes it's a musical length off - upbeat instead of downbeat, sometimes it seems just out of sync. The time interval is correct though, just starting at an arbitrary time. I don't know if it's a bug, an unfortunate feature, is it just for me or for everybody? Im using Reaper on Windows 10. EDIT: I tried also automating the bypass of the tremolo, but this doesn't seem to have an effect on the phase of the tremolo.
  2. I'm using Firefox on Win 10. I opted to let the editor/updater to do the downloading, all went well in that case. I also figured out a way to download the file with the browser. Clicking back I get the momentary page where it says: "If your download doesn't start..." - then quickly before it goes to the error page click "stop loading this page" button in the browser, I could click the link to download manually. Something different with this V3.01 download webpage, since the 2.92 works properly.
  3. When I go to download the Helix 3.01 firmware, after Accept and Download, I land to this page instead: Downloading the 2.92 version works.
  4. Can you make a recording of your guitar with another audio interface and compare the sound/images?
  5. Meters won't hurt the pros nor the amateurs. No shame in using all the senses to get the best result faster.
  6. The new RedWirez MixIR3 has something called Giganator that simulates or compensates the sound of playing loud: https://redwirez.com/products/mixir3-ir-loader
  7. Redwirez has gotten an update recently: https://redwirez.com/products/mixir3-ir-loader
  8. IR-s Used in Presets. Would be a great help to have a quick overview of which IR-s are used in presets and which aren't. Something simple like an asterisk before name or a different colour. Right now it's difficult to know which IR-s you can safely replace without breaking the existing presets.
  9. Found out the reason the envelope still engaged with sensitivity at 0 - I'm using the filter after the amp and thus the level is higher. Solution would be to lower the amp output or settle using the filter before the amp. So, still one good manual or should I say pedal filter would be welcome.
  10. This might be it. Only way to know for sure, is to update.
  11. I usually use IR on a parallel path if I want to combine it with another sound. I do the mixing/switching between them using the controls in the split module.
  12. Anybody know if the snapshot bybass bug has been fixed - after dragging a block to a different slot and back some blocks don't have the right bypass state for snapshots?
  13. Tried the autofilter now and even with the sensitivity =0 the envelope still opens the filter automatically. One filter that could be used was in the legacy section - Q filter, I think. So hoping there will be some more filters in the future.
  14. Thanks ttkfirst! I was just going to start complaining about the lack of good filter solutions :) Checking it out...
  15. Thanks, I'll look at these as well.
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