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  1. @bassbene Thanks for the advice. I followed your lead and played with different block options under the FX loop header, of which, Return R happen to work without plugging in an additional patch cable. Definitely a bummer to have to use up a block for this but glad to have a solid workaround. I also found that the system worked nicer when I mixed the wet signal back in prior to the rest of my modulation effects. I don't mind if my trails have chorus on them, etc... more the drives that can muddy up the mix real quick. Thank you!
  2. Hi everyone - So I’ve been messing around with various signal paths and am getting a very strange polyphonic cancelling when doing a wet/dry split/sum. Has anyone encountered this or can think of a solution? Path below: Block 1: Minotaur SPLIT PATH A: (Block 3) FX Loop Block (use for my analog drive stages) Path A (block 4): Chorus Path A (block 5): univibe Path B (block 2): Transistor Tape Signal Combined Again The sound is very pronounced on my high e- string. I’m not running a stereo rig, so have been faking a split path within the unit. When I rearrange into a series path, this issue goes away but then I don’t get to do a split which I really like. Have also tried rearranging the blocks and am still getting the issue. It occurs with/without the modulation effects on, but strangely goes away when the FX loop block is off. I can try to record it and post a link but not sure if anyone has seen this. I assume it has to be a phasing issue.
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