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  1. Hello Dragon, read your post on harmonizer I was wondering if the helix has a unison setting as I don’t see any setting for unison

    i had this setting on my boss gt100 and I’m trying to recreate a certain tone with the harmonizer 

    on the Gt100 I would set the harmonist  to unison and then select 1 voice and the Key I needed, and the select mix percentage as required

    then the pre delay and feedback I’d assign to the expression pedal


    so I tried to recreate something as such on the helix and well it didn’t actually work out

    any tips to see how I could port those settings into the helix


    thank you very much for your valued input




    1. DunedinDragon


      I don't think the Twin Harmony would be the right tool in this case since your not really creating a harmony, just an octave.  For that you would probably be best off using the Simple Pitch and setting the interval to +12 and the mix to whatever you need.

    2. Hatman777


      Ok thanks will def try that out 

    3. Hatman777


      Cool,That Worked Out Really Good 
      thanks so Much for the advice 

  2. Ahh yes your correct. But when I learn a song I like to learn it note for note or at least the closest possible and ofc that means nailing the tone as a well, being a former boss gt100 user i did get it close, now with my helix I have much more possibilités to get it even closer which is a goal thanks for the tip I will def check it out
  3. Ahhh ok I thought as much but was not sure but seeing as there re soooo soooo many IR isn’t that like a rabbit hole to try and find that right one for whatever patch you create ? Like in example let’s say I’m building a Iommi heaven and hell patch where do I even begin to look to get that tone ? thanks all for your input, being a total noob to the Helix platform it’s great to see this Helix community is so very knowledgeable and very helpful kudos to all
  4. Hello all I had a question regarding Impulse Responses was wondering if Impulse Responses replace the built in cabs or do you add them after the Cab block ? thanks all for explaining and clarifying.
  5. Yes this is true but does it with other OD or Distortion Pedals, So this is the weird thing I've figured out that it comes from the noise reduction decay settings, the higher the decay setting is the more pronounced this weird artifact effect is present so i lowered it to 5 ms and low and behold that artifact sound is practically gone this is very odd and strange but thanks for the input and feedback much appreciated
  6. Ahh yes I did Try with the Reverb block on and off still did the same thing ??
  7. O Reflections Here is the complete preset i've been working on IOMMI HELL.hlx Thank you all for the help
  8. Well I’m a helix noob so how would i save this preset And attach it not sure how to do that thanks I did check out all my settings they seem to be correct I thought that maybe it had something to do with the AES XLR cable to the Powercab plus so ran a 1/4 jack, still had the same effect what is odd is it does not happen on all presets just some that I have really high gain also noticed more predominant on fuzz type Pedals before the amp and cab thank you
  9. Hello all, being new to the helix platform i had a concern with this weird repeating effect i get when using high gain, the higher the gain the more pronounced this effect is, im sure this is not supposed to be as such, in example i hit a power chord and then its like there is a really quick repeat after i've hit the chord, there is no reverb or any delay active Just OD , Amp and Cab, anyone ever experience this? and can maybe let me know what causes this ? Take A listen to the sample I recorded showing this Odd effect thanks all for the input Helix Issue 2.mp3
  10. Hmmm don’t have that setting , odd ? only options i see guitar pad which i set tomy liking then i have mic in 48V phantom, mic in gain, mic in low cut, usb in 1/2destination and USB trim
  11. Ahhh ok I’ll look for that, is it in the global setting parameters ? thank you
  12. Hello all, im new to Helix and Powercab 112 Plus and had a question on output setting? Im connected with AES digital cable from Helix to Powercab, question is are there any special settings in global settings? The only options i see guitar pad which i set tomy liking then i have mic in 48V phantom, mic in gain, mic in low cut, usb in 1/2 destination and USB trim, so is this normal ? like no option for line out or send? and should I have purchased the Line 6 AES/EBU Link Cable? Thanks all for you valued input
  13. Hatman777

    What to expect

    Ah Yes I agree with The fact it Will Be My Skill Which Will determine the outcome and i'm well aware that presets are lousy so i guess what i meant to say are the amps and effect better as far as fidelity goes, and OFC My Boss gt-100 Presets I worked on will sound better since i tweaked them to my liking and i plan to do the same with the helix And well from all the research i've done read and watched im pretty sure the helix is a step above the gt100 especially that Snapshot feature :) Thanks all for Your Input and I look forward to Building patches with My Helix
  14. Hatman777

    What to expect

    Yes OFC it’s subjective thanks for the input
  15. Hatman777

    What to expect

    Ahh no guys, was not asking for confirmation just if it’s a better unit tone wise. Seeing it’s a step up I’m sorry if I phrased it wrong as you know there are so many different opinions on the internet and well I figured this is a line 6 forum so was just wanting some feedback is all. As well I can’t really try it and even if my local store had one it would be hard to test and I already own the Headrush will plan to keep it for a while then I’ll probably upgrade to the line6 powercab thanks
  16. Hatman777

    What to expect

    Hello all so I’m going to be selling my Boss GT100 nd will be getting the helix LT while I do like the boss very much I’d like to upgrade to the helix, so I’m wondering what can I expect as far as tone improvement compared to the GT100 also is the helix a good match with the Headrush frfr8 which I currently use ? thanks all for the input
  17. Yes I Do have a Decent Audio Interface, M-Audio 192/4 With A set Of Alesis Studio Monitors Using StudioOne 4, Thanks Yeah Can Try that Out Since Im More Interested In Seeing How the software Works Like Interface Block arrangements Parameters etc , as For Sound Im Sure the Helix Will Sound Good Once Properly Set up as same with My Boos None of the Presets are really any good I prefer to Make My Own which is Why I want to try the Software Thanks for the Input :)
  18. Ahh I see thanks for the response, thought So but was Curious if it had An Offline Mode
  19. Hello all I’m new to this forum I’m currently a Boss GT100 user but I’m thinking of going to a line 6 helix LT i wanted to know if there was a way to download and experiment with the HX Editor 2.9 without actually having the unit connected to the PC Via USB sorta like a test drive Thanks all for the input
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