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  1. I am definitely not happy with this FBV3 'programmable' box! Can anyone please tell me how I can reassign the function switch from this stupid looper (which I don't want) to be a simple play all /mute all kill switch?
  2. Yamaha need to get straight into this Line 6 crew and fire the entire application interface dept. I have just spent good money on a £400 Spider V MKII 120w and it is a bloody joke. The tones from the amp are stunning and that side of everything is excellent. But then you start on the pathetic software... I actually LIKE the sliders on the interface - a lot easier to adjust quickly than Boss Tone Studio... BUT BUT BUT 1 There is NO manual or guide whatever for the app! 2 NO drag and drop of presets into it. 3 ONLY a pathetic copy and paste way of moving blocks of presets around 4 NO way I can find of making saves onscreen, other than pressing and holding the save button on the amp 5 NO way of getting cloud tones or my tones, unless you connect it to an Android or Apple device... 6 And when I bought an adaptor and connected my Samsung mobile, the app locked the bloody thing up and I had a hell of a job getting the phone to work again!!! How do Line 6 seriously expect to compete with the likes of the Katana, with this shambolic connectivity? The sounds are great. The amp is great. The interface is KACK.
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