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  1. Thanks you guys.. I strugling about wich one is better.. You know is like 350 to 400 members at my churchs and I just want to be sure that have something between my budget thats will sounds good in stage.. Is my first time using guitar effects pedals... I dont want be carrying an amp in every performance.. Also i was reading that the hd500x is little tircky to set it up if your at the begining... My biggest corcern was about the difference between ages, technology.. Podgo (2020) vs Hd500x (2013)... Thanks again guys... and sorry about my english spelling.. is not my first language... Blessed guys..
  2. Hi.. I am a midlevel guitar player.. I want to buy a multieffects for play worship at the church.. i dont have enough money for get a Helix.. my budget is around $650... I want to know wish one between pod hd 500x and pod.go will you recommends for play it at church... Thanks
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